What Disabled Kids Truly Need

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From the age of eighteen months to age nine, I went to a school solely for disabled kids. There we had students who were toddlers through the age of twenty two with various disabilities and health issues. We frequently had assemblies outside and school dances on our outside recreation area/sports court. I would sing at… Continue reading What Disabled Kids Truly Need


Hi everyone, I have absolutely not disappeared. I will be revamping the website soon and have now connected with some amazing people I respect deeply who have committed to helping and expanding The Disability Intersection. So pleased stay tuned as things grow. My health is much better. I was recently featured in the Bold Beauty… Continue reading Update

Hello again!

Hi everyone, I have been sick with various things since my last post, but am still around and caring about doing more and helping. Stay tuned for more in the near future, more accessibility, organization, and ease of booking. Meanwhile, if you’d like to just feel physically better and want to work with me on… Continue reading Hello again!

What these disabilities actually mean may surprise you

I am an SLS client. What is SLS? This stands for supported living services, which are personalized supports for people whose disabilities are considered developmental. All a developmental disability is is a neurological, usually congenital disability that originates before the age of 18 or 21 depending on how each state sets the age. It is… Continue reading What these disabilities actually mean may surprise you

I am certified

I have been working toward being a Certified Body Image Coach and am proud to announce that I have received certification and am ready to provide help here. Soon I will be adding both individual sessions and session packages to the website for booking. What can a body image coach help you with? Things like:… Continue reading I am certified

My voice

I love music. I love writing and art and singing. I am choosing to start putting songs on the website, sung by me and later others who may want to do this. As a child, I performed. Then I grew up and became more self conscious, remembering abuse and bullying, and I would only sing… Continue reading My voice


The lightest question is one that has to do with birds and open space and the vision I have for my life and for The Disability Intersection. It does not deal in limitation but in flight and possibility, not in accolades for achievement but in building steadily and strategically on this vision. But sometimes I… Continue reading Grounded

The future’s so bright…We gotta wear shades!

Hi everyone, Been taking a break from blogging in the last few weeks to focus on next steps, which include launching functional nutrition support and working on starting the creative movement/dance classes if enough interest is generated. Both people with and without disabilities can join these classes. The first 6 are free while I certify,… Continue reading The future’s so bright…We gotta wear shades!

Moving away from therapies

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This video by Kathie Snow, the founder of Disability is Natural, is great and says so much that I and so many disabled people have been saying, quietly and loudly, for years. Please listen and share. This applies to physical therapy, ABA therapy, social skills therapy, and any other therapy. Let’s fight the body image… Continue reading Moving away from therapies

Disability is natural

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This is one of the greatest, most positive resources I’ve ever seen for those who want to support disabled kids and challenge the way disability is viewed. Check it out at: http://www.disabilityisnatural.com and the online store at https://www.disabilityisnatural.com/shop.html Note: This site uses People-first language (“people with disabilities” versus “disabled people”) Other sites, like The Disability… Continue reading Disability is natural

James and I

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We sang together at civic clubs, spring events, and church Christmas parties. I was 5, with a high voice and introversion and did this for 3 years. James was 15 with a deep voice and an extroversion to beat all. He could fill up a room, and he wanted to. I wanted to sound pretty… Continue reading James and I