What these disabilities actually mean may surprise you

I am an SLS client. What is SLS? This stands for supported living services, which are personalized supports for people whose disabilities are considered developmental. All a developmental disability is is a neurological, usually congenital disability that originates before the age of 18 or 21 depending on how each state sets the age. It is… Continue reading What these disabilities actually mean may surprise you

The future’s so bright…We gotta wear shades!

Hi everyone, Been taking a break from blogging in the last few weeks to focus on next steps, which include launching functional nutrition support and working on starting the creative movement/dance classes if enough interest is generated. Both people with and without disabilities can join these classes. The first 6 are free while I certify,… Continue reading The future’s so bright…We gotta wear shades!

Wonder Woman, revisited

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Superhero narratives mesh well with the obstacles I have struggled with, the values I try to embody, and the fun I believe one can have with a cape. I read and watch the stories of superheroes and villains because it is fun, rich and full of themes of connection to oneself, other people and the… Continue reading Wonder Woman, revisited

Tonio and Christy

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Tonio was the biggest fan of Scooby Doo that I have ever seen. He knew all the episodes that mattered to him and could retell them better than any television writer. He was a funloving, lanky teen who was always making me laugh. He could remember television and movie dialogue incredibly well, which was a… Continue reading Tonio and Christy

YOU are valuable!

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I was talking to a friend today and she said that people’s responses to my care needs and any resentments about them, are about the person having them. It is so easy for me (and other disabled people) to take that personally and ramp up our appreciation efforts, etc. To say thank you more, even… Continue reading YOU are valuable!