I am certified

I have been working toward being a Certified Body Image Coach and am proud to announce that I have received certification and am ready to provide help here. Soon I will be adding both individual sessions and session packages to the website for booking. What can a body image coach help you with? Things like:… Continue reading I am certified

Wonder Woman, revisited

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Superhero narratives mesh well with the obstacles I have struggled with, the values I try to embody, and the fun I believe one can have with a cape. I read and watch the stories of superheroes and villains because it is fun, rich and full of themes of connection to oneself, other people and the… Continue reading Wonder Woman, revisited

Tonio and Christy

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Tonio was the biggest fan of Scooby Doo that I have ever seen. He knew all the episodes that mattered to him and could retell them better than any television writer. He was a funloving, lanky teen who was always making me laugh. He could remember television and movie dialogue incredibly well, which was a… Continue reading Tonio and Christy

The sun will come out tomorrow/Dyscalculia

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I am dyscalculic. This means I am learning disabled in math. It also means I and other dyscalculics: Struggle with sequencing, timing, scheduling and certain details May not remember these as well if too many details are involved or rapidly changing. Struggle with executive functioning Frequently experience visual and mental fatigue when doing things involving… Continue reading The sun will come out tomorrow/Dyscalculia

Thao and I

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Trigger Warning for extreme child abuse/trauma Note: When my mom was alive, she said I should write stories of the kids I went to school with when going to the school for disabled kids. Here is the most important to me. ********************************************************************** Looking through things I felt were important to keep in the sixth grade,… Continue reading Thao and I

What Disabled Kids Truly Need

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From the age of eighteen months to age nine, I went to a school solely for disabled kids. There we had students who were toddlers through the age of twenty two with various disabilities and health issues. We frequently had assemblies outside and school dances on our outside recreation area/sports court. I would sing at… Continue reading What Disabled Kids Truly Need

Why we use the word “disabled” instead of “People with disabilities” on this site

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There has been much needed discussion about what disabled people call ourselves and what we want to be called by others. This is important because it points to how disability is seen by the disability community and by others. At its core are some different ideas about disability. This site uses identity first language. This… Continue reading Why we use the word “disabled” instead of “People with disabilities” on this site