The sun will come out tomorrow/Dyscalculia

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I am dyscalculic. This means I am learning disabled in math. It also means I and other dyscalculics:

  • Struggle with sequencing, timing, scheduling and certain details
    • May not remember these as well if too many details are involved or rapidly changing.
  • Struggle with executive functioning
  • Frequently experience visual and mental fatigue when doing things involving scheduling, mapping, or keeping up with directions, plans, strategies or ideas.
  • Have limited working (short term) memory and do better with long term memory.
  • Have various strategies to move numbers and plans into long term memory, and don’t usually show how much we worry about “screwing up” if information we struggle with isn’t stored in our long term memory quickly. But we do worry, so please be patient.
  • Are not trying to frustrate you
  • Need to be involved in planning so it gets into our strong long term memory.
  • Other things to note include that we are often gifted with expression, have facility with words, and can solve problems well.
  • We are capable and can struggle with our self esteem when faced with tasks which require long stretches of executive functioning skills and short term memory. An overemphasis on their importance as a (faulty) measure of intelligence, honesty, success, competence, or capacity to succeed can harm dyscalculics. Fight these as yardsticks and instead give breaks and allow rest. You can always start fresh tomorrow.

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