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Groove Certification

I believe that movement is important because it connects us all to our bodies. This is a hard thing for a lot of disabled people. We’ve often been disconnected from them by trauma, therapies and discrimination due to disability, racism, or other things many of us face. All this leads to more pain and a… Continue reading Groove Certification

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Tonio and Christy

Tonio was the biggest fan of Scooby Doo that I have ever seen. He knew all the episodes that mattered to him and could retell them better than any television writer. He was a funloving, lanky teen who was always making me laugh. He could remember television and movie dialogue incredibly well, which was a… Continue reading Tonio and Christy

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Step right up for Choline!

Hi everyone, I am working on launching the Functional Nutrition services and looking at information on dysautonomia and related conditions to share with you. In this spirit, here is an article on the importance of choline and betaine for POTS. I have started taking betaine and finds it helps my blood pressure and digestion. Hope… Continue reading Step right up for Choline!

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Myra and everyone

Myra and I would often sit outside together. We both liked to sing, so I would sing a song and then she would, clapping to her own beat. I liked that she was an individual, and I often wondered what she thought about. Singing was her main way of communicating, and she could also really… Continue reading Myra and everyone

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The sun will come out tomorrow/Dyscalculia

I am dyscalculic. This means I am learning disabled in math. It also means I and other dyscalculics: Struggle with sequencing, timing, scheduling and certain details May not remember these as well if too many details are involved or rapidly changing. Struggle with executive functioning Frequently experience visual and mental fatigue when doing things involving… Continue reading The sun will come out tomorrow/Dyscalculia

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Thao and I

Trigger Warning for extreme child abuse/trauma Note: When my mom was alive, she said I should write stories of the kids I went to school with when going to the school for disabled kids. Here is the most important to me. ********************************************************************** Looking through things I felt were important to keep in the sixth grade,… Continue reading Thao and I

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Call for content

Hello, everyone. I’ve realized that there are many ways to make The Disability Intersection more intersectional. One of the best ways is to add your experiences and perspectives. With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to share things here that you think will help build more discussion and community. Here is a list… Continue reading Call for content


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