Hi everyone,

I have absolutely not disappeared. I will be revamping the website soon and have now connected with some amazing people I respect deeply who have committed to helping and expanding The Disability Intersection. So pleased stay tuned as things grow. My health is much better.

I was recently featured in the Bold Beauty Project, a photographic art gallery exhibition featuring large artistic photos of accomplished disabled women that is still running through Saturday. I am honored to be included with so many great people and hope it makes a deep impact. For more, you can check out the project website at https://www.boldbeautyproject.com/

I did a photograph that was me as a superhero. I love it and am very proud. Thanks for your patience as I navigated health and attendant care issues for many months. I am now restarting and looking to grow. To that end, a new jotform is up through which you can contact me for questions and services. Onward!

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