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Lara Minges, MSW

About Our Founder

Lara Minges, MSW, CARSS I,

CFNC has been passionate about disability issues since 2003 when she discovered disability rights and the disability activism community. This changed her life and helped her feel stronger about herself, her disabilities, and her capabilities.  In 2011, she became sick with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.  This was severe and life changing.  It taught her about the overlap of disability and chronic illness in a way that nothing but experience can.  It has been quite a journey to live with and manage.  As a result, she cares about people with POTS and the wider chronic illness community and is now a certified nutrition counselor with a chronic illness emphasis.

She also holds a Musikgarten early childhood music and movement teacher license for babies through age seven, certification as an Adaptive Recreation and Sports Specialist from Blaze Sports America and CircleTalk for seniors group facilitator certification. Lastly, she earned certificates in both working with veterans and their families from Ohio State University and a Trauma Informed Clinical Foundation Certificate from the University of Buffalo.  Because she cares about trauma and body image, she is also a certified body image coach for people with and without disabilities/illness.

While varied, each of these has been carefully chosen for its philosophies and contributions to The Disability Intersection when combined with our framework.