My voice

I love music. I love writing and art and singing. I am choosing to start putting songs on the website, sung by me and later others who may want to do this. As a child, I performed. Then I grew up and became more self conscious, remembering abuse and bullying, and I would only sing when alone or with family. I started comparing my voice to everyone else’s and I wondered where the child who was not afraid to sing went. I can sing. I am talented at it. I love it, and no trauma fully took it away. It’s vulnerable to put it all out here. I am tired, though, of singing to no one, or being in groups and freezing up when my voice isn’t hidden by other voices or the background music is soft or gone. I am ready, and so I am practicing to do this. Not so much that I freeze, but enough to reclaim.

Honestly, I sing all the time. There are so many songs that matter and that are deep and healing. There is so much to say and sing. So stay tuned for my debut here.

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