The lightest question is one that has to do with birds and open space and the vision I have for my life and for The Disability Intersection. It does not deal in limitation but in flight and possibility, not in accolades for achievement but in building steadily and strategically on this vision. But sometimes I… Continue reading Grounded

Self advocacy is critical, and…

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Sometimes it becomes a way of blaming disabled people for things that aren’t our fault, of not looking at the impact of policies or of not seeing a full picture. Sometimes it seems like a way to pass the buck, or a way to deal with tension between disability rights/justice, and disability services, which are… Continue reading Self advocacy is critical, and…

Groove Certification

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I believe that movement is important because it connects us all to our bodies. This is a hard thing for a lot of disabled people. We’ve often been disconnected from them by trauma, therapies and discrimination due to disability, racism, or other things many of us face. All this leads to more pain and a… Continue reading Groove Certification

What Disabled Kids Truly Need

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From the age of eighteen months to age nine, I went to a school solely for disabled kids. There we had students who were toddlers through the age of twenty two with various disabilities and health issues. We frequently had assemblies outside and school dances on our outside recreation area/sports court. I would sing at… Continue reading What Disabled Kids Truly Need

Some thoughts on words and resources for learning and action

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keeping with the theme of creating the world we want, I offer these resources I found while searching for this. A lot of people, it seems, have this on their minds. I find this encouraging. Many people have said I am a cheerleader type, meaning encouraging. So let’s go, everybody! Have some fun, stick together… Continue reading Some thoughts on words and resources for learning and action