Some thoughts on words and resources for learning and action

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keeping with the theme of creating the world we want, I offer these resources I found while searching for this. A lot of people, it seems, have this on their minds. I find this encouraging.

Many people have said I am a cheerleader type, meaning encouraging. So let’s go, everybody! Have some fun, stick together healthily, and know you can further impact the things you care about.

Also, take care of yourself on the way. Many of us have our plates already full with work, (paid and unpaid) people we love, illness/disability issues and advocacy for what we need and want in various ways. This is not meant to overwhelm but support you. Take what works, leave the rest and pay attention to your needs.

The resources below discuss or show the power of words. More to follow on other topics later.

Note: These resources span political and religious beliefs. If something speaks to you and helps you, great. If not, leave it for someone else.


Note : Many images may be disturbing/triggering. This has good information from the UK, and a definite punk, direct action, resistance focus reminiscent of zines as a political medium etc. Shows protest pictures and lots of risks that are part of that.

Collection of pictures with embedded links to read about them Worth time. Doesn’t seem screen reader accessible though 🙁

Podcast website featuring many guests. Features a drop down menu for episodes, which limits accessibility.

Good article from a great woman of faith who also cares about trauma and healing

From the Jewish Women’s Archive

In celebration of Yiddish:

Video from the Yiddish Book Center

Words in Buddhism: (Has a word of ableist language, just so you know)

For projects and opportunities,

there’s always this awesome zone:

Check out the work of the World Resources institute

And here is an article on apps to use to make connections based on shared interest. Not the first or last list of this kind, but is an interesting mix.

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