Self advocacy is critical, and…

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Sometimes it becomes a way of blaming disabled people for things that aren’t our fault, of not looking at the impact of policies or of not seeing a full picture. Sometimes it seems like a way to pass the buck, or a way to deal with tension between disability rights/justice, and disability services, which are… Continue reading Self advocacy is critical, and…

Call for content

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Hello, everyone. I’ve realized that there are many ways to make The Disability Intersection more intersectional. One of the best ways is to add your experiences and perspectives. With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to share things here that you think will help build more discussion and community. Here is a list… Continue reading Call for content

About me, about disability life

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Despite running the Disability Intersection and attempting to add services, I am a low income social worker. I don’t mean in the way social workers are grossly underpaid for the work we do (which we are) I mean I still use the county attendant care program despite having two degrees in social work and many… Continue reading About me, about disability life