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While I work to feel better from fatigue/POTS and create new content, I’ll be posting articles I find around the web. This one is about a little discussed issue that matters. I think a lot of disabled adults get shamed for using precut produce and similar things, especially since many of us have low incomes and it is considered a “waste.” And if we have attendants but still do it (or order food delivery) to make it easier for us to cook and/or otherwise feed ourselves as independently as possible, we can feel a lot of things around that. I feel a lot of things around that and I doubt I’m the only one.

Because we as the disabled community can struggle around our body image, sense of worth and contributions, let me say this loudly and proudly: Food and food access is a right. It does not have to be earned and lack of access to it for so many communities is a wrong.

Let’s eat! Whatever we can, however we can. Orally. Through tubes or IVS. Let’s stand up for what we need to do it and acknowledge when we are too fatigued or whatever else to think a lot about feeding ourselves. Let’s celebrate that our bodies are doing their best for us and invest in ourselves by naming any shame we feel and practicing self compassion.

In that spirit, here is the article that inspired this post:

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