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I’m back from a trip that left me both happy and struggling with questions about where to take the Disability Intersection. I think the main problem is that I want to further articulate why we exist, but this is not easy. I worry about the mental health of people with disabilities and the deep things we face with abuse, discrimination that isn’t even labeled discrimination, self harm, suicidality, inaccessibility, barriers to work because we may need attendant care, and feeling like our best work can sometimes be treated as a hobby and we can treat it that way even as we push to be seen. I care about using recreation to build self esteem and have fun. I realize that I still, after having my disability my whole life, struggle with shame around it as well as a fierce desire to cast off all restrictions. This makes sense, and is so deep I feel it should be nobody’s business. But it is our business as the disabled community. But non disabled people often wade in not knowing the geography and often there just are no words. So I want to find them. I want to both speak them and know when speaking them is not wise and could, with lack of understanding, set us back as the disabled community. I want to trust what I know, and I feel shaken up. As a disabled social worker who cares about disability and works with people around it, I’m not exempt from the complexities and pain. I wish I could just stretch out my hands and share my vision instantaneously. I want:

Disabled people and our supporters to know we are powerful

To articulate our struggles together

To know as deeply in our minds and hearts as possible that those struggles don’t diminish us

To add early childhood music classes, CircleTalk Groups, and nutrition consultation to the mix as I can.

To provide a place of community, learning and support.

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