Position on Learning Disabilities

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Pexels.com

The Disability Intersection supports those with learning disabilities and their personal and academic struggles and successes.  We recognize that many people with learning disabilities are gifted and all are able to achieve.

(For visitors in the U.K., we would like to clarify that the American “learning disability” category is the same as “specific academic disability” in the United Kingdom.  What is called a “learning disability” in the U.K. is referred to as a “cognitive,” “intellectual” or “developmental” disability in America.) For more on our position on Developmental Disability specifically, please see our Position Statement on Developmental Disability. 

We particularly strive to raise awareness of learning disabilities other than dyslexia.  While much has been written about dyslexia, other learning disabilities have received less  attention.  The disability intersection will primarily focus on dysgraphia, (writing disability)  dyscalculia, (math disability) dyspraxia, (coordination disability) auditory processing disabilities (any aspect of difficulty understanding what is said unrelated to hearing loss)  and non-verbal learning disabilities in an effort to help build a greater voice for and about these. 

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