Welcome to the Disability Intersection!  I’m Lara, and I hope you find this site informative and helpful..  Here you will be able to access material on general disability issues, mental health concerns and trauma intervention as they affect disabled people and members of society at large.  We are passionate about this. I provide disability aware consultation, writing, speaking and training services to businesses and organizations. Contact me to discuss your needs today!

This is a place of safety, encouragement and evidence based practices. Using macro social work skills, and personal experience with physical, learning disability and chronic illness, The Disability Intersection seeks to help you with disability and illness related concerns and training needs.  In addition to services for organizations, I provide non-clinical (not therapy) support to disabled people and supporters. If you’d like some help, contact me!

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People with all types of disabilities and our supporters are welcome here. We are stronger together than apart.  I believe that nothing about us should be accomplished without us. Everything I do reflects a deep commitment to that belief.  

Welcome to a new day. . .Welcome to the Disability Intersection!   

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Hello again!

Hi everyone, I have been sick with various things since my last post, but am still around and caring about doing more and helping. Stay tuned for more in the near future, more accessibility, organization, and ease of booking. Meanwhile, if you’d like to just feel physically better and want to work with me on…

What these disabilities actually mean may surprise you

I am an SLS client. What is SLS? This stands for supported living services, which are personalized supports for people whose disabilities are considered developmental. All a developmental disability is is a neurological, usually congenital disability that originates before the age of 18 or 21 depending on how each state sets the age. It is…

I am certified

I have been working toward being a Certified Body Image Coach and am proud to announce that I have received certification and am ready to provide help here. Soon I will be adding both individual sessions and session packages to the website for booking. What can a body image coach help you with? Things like:…

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