POTS is…..

having to readjust your life to the point where most of what you defined yourself by is no longer there for an indeterminate amount of time

Adjusting so well you forget what was, and rebuild slowly

Worrying about family members—because they are sick or because they take care of us







Needing so much sodium you dream the world was made of it



Existence at its most basic

Learning what’s important in life and fighting

Not having energy but still going because you are not just strong…you are POTS strong

Wondering if you’ll ever be okay again

Celebrating signs of recovery

Honoring what is without shame, judgement, or guilt

Trusting yourself, even when people you love don’t understand or agree

Believing in the value of your life

Smiling through losses of consciousness

Adjusting to needing new or more attendant care

Understanding that there are limits to what helpers can do

Praying through each scary moment, and knowing you are not alone

Emerging stronger

Defying gravity

Falling down and getting up again

Worth talking about

Not the end

Not who you are

not able to take what really matters

Finding great moments of kindness and connection

Believing anyway

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