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Hello, everyone. I’ve realized that there are many ways to make The Disability Intersection more intersectional. One of the best ways is to add your experiences and perspectives. With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to share things here that you think will help build more discussion and community. Here is a list of ideas. Your contributions need not be limited to these, though.

  • Your experiences with racism and disability
  • Sharing about dating, sexuality and gender across all orientations and identities as a disabled/chronically ill person
  • Trauma and healing stories/your wisdom around living with trauma (including ableism/racism/etc trauma) and healing/fortifying as a journey
  • How the disability community can be better included in the movements of other groups/identities we’re members of to increase effectiveness/sense of belonging
  • What you like about disability and what you don’t
  • What you wish nondisabled people knew
  • And if you’re not disabled or ill, what do you wish you knew about disability that you don’t?
  • Employment/disability issues
  • Things you’d like to see for disabled people that don’t yet exist or could be better

At this point, I am not able to pay for content. I wish I were but I cannot. For this reason, I recommend pieces you may already have, or setting up a free meeting with me to have a conversation and jointly working on shaping it into content for the blog during that conversation. It just saves energy. If you have a website or product, I am happy to link there to grow your own audience provided it fits with our focus (even incredibly broadly)

You can send content to

Please no inflammatory comments about any groups of people. I do understand that groups call themselves and other people things the group uses to take back power (for example, crip or queer) and in this context that is fine. So are descriptions of events in which derogatory words were used to hurt you. But using them for the purpose of hurting/raging at people will mean your work will not be posted here. Thank you for your voice. You matter.

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